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Autism Workshop on TEACHH method for teaching Autistic children on 9th March 2008. Qazi Fazli Azeem speaks about TEACHH, organized by the Pakistan Autism Meetup Group at the Ma Ayesha Centre in karachi.

Interviewed by the December 2007 issue of the Dawn HERALD magazine in Karachi, Pakistan.

Speech given by Qazi Fazli Azeem (of Karachi, Pakistan) at the 2nd South Asian Conference on Autism, Delhi, India on 16 Jan 2008.

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Live Interview was conducted on ARY Digital  in "Marina Mornings " which was aired  on 19th June 2007. Talked about experience with Aspergers Syndrome and Autistic Spectrum Disorders in Pakistan, symptoms, awareness, vaccines and mercury poisoning from pesticides, and answered live calls for parents of Autistic children from Pakistan, UAE and Dubai.

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Interviewed on the American Chronicle, an American Newspaper, in relation to research on Autistic Spectrum Disorders, with advice for parents, doctors and teachers of such children.
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Interviewed on Business Plus  in "Loose Ends" which was aired  on 10th & 17th December 2006. Talked about personal experience with Aspergers Syndrome, collaboration with the Canadian Institute for Addiction & Mental Health (Canada) for Genetic research in Autism and advice for parents and teachers of children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders.

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